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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our penny rug SAL

Today we launch our Christmas SAL February challenge. We are going to make penny rugs. If you already have a kit, then use this but the recommended pattern is an online freebie from 'Patchpieces' found at . I have photos to follow along with the pattern to try to make it even more simple.

Firstly, cut out the two ovals for the background. I did not use the paper backed fusible webbing for this step. Trace the 'pennies' onto the webbing and iron this to your (wool) felt. Cut out the 'pennies' on the drawn line.

You do not have to use the fusible webbing but it make it easy for penny rugs with many and/or small pieces. It also helps to keep the parts in place as you blanket stitch. This is a good tip for beginners while you may want to not use webbing as you get more experience.

Place the large 'pennies' (green) and the gold star into position on the black (smaller) oval. Remove the paper side of the webbing and iron into place.

Now position the medium (yellow) 'pennies' on top of the green ones being sure they are centered. Iron in place.

Lastly, position the red (smallest) 'pennies' and iron in place. You are now ready to start doing the blanket stitching around each penny and the star. Once this is completed.....

Place the black oval on the red oval and attach these two together using the blanket stitch. Lastly, blanket stitch the outer edge of the red oval. Your penny rug is now complete and will make a fun accessory for next Christmas.


Blogger Lucy said...

I love this penny rug! You have a great taste.
Thank you for your comment. I believe you miss teh amish country. I heard that it must be very beautiful there :-) For me it is a challenge to make a beautiful Amish quilt !

11:27 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

Ohhhhhh I love this!!!!! I will try it!!! :) Thanks for sharing with me!! I will teach some friends how to do it with me!!

5:06 AM  

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